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Cribs and caskets

The illumna infant and junior range has been created with great care and consideration and brings together in one place our selection of cribs, cradles, and caskets.

The name illumna comes from a combination of the words ‘alumna’, which is Latin for child or nursling, and ‘illuminate’, to brighten with light or enlighten spiritually.

At this immensely difficult time, we hope the illumna range gives grieving families the information they need in a sensitive fashion to help decide what’s right for them.

Whether you opt for a traditional coffin, or a crib made from alternative materials, our products are manufactured to the highest environmental standards. Put simply, quality doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

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Different Style?

With the coffin playing a central role in the funeral, personalisation is becoming very popular, helping to celebrate the unique life of a loved one and their values. There are a lot of different options available including solid wood, wood veneer, picture coffins and environmentally friendly options such as willow, bamboo, or wool.

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A Funeral

If you’re facing the difficult task of arranging a funeral and are seeking guidance on the process, this link will begin to answer some of those questions and provide guidance on the subject.

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Offset the CO2

Greener Goodbyes helps you to model a funeral, including a coffin or casket choice, and calculate its carbon footprint. From the results, you can then choose to offset the emissions by supporting several established and accredited projects.

Visit the Greener Goodbyes website for more details